Tara Beane Fitness Enthusiast

Tara Beane Fitness Enthusiast

Real nameTara Marie Graves
BirthdateAugust 11, 1964
Age57 years old (As of 2021)
BirthplaceSan Diego
Birth signLeo
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight56 kilograms
Father of Tara BeaneNot known as per reports
Mother of Tara BeaneNot known as per reports
Relationship statusMarried
Tara Beane’s Husband nameBilly Beane
Children’s of Tara BeaneTwins (son and daughter) & a step-daughter
Siblings of Tara BeaneInformation unclear
Net worth$500,000 (As of 2021)
EducationNot yet revealed
Tara Beane

Tara Beane is the wife of Billy Beane, the former MLB player. She is an all-time fitness enthusiast but is not so active on social media platforms. Her followers are not recorded properly from Instagram and Twitter profiles and that is why we can say that she is a very private and secretive person as a whole. She has a very happy private life and loves it that way itself. However, her husband and her stepdaughter share a considerable amount of fan following on different social media accounts.

What is the relationship status of Tara Beane?

Currently, Tara Beane is married to the retired MLB player Billy Beane. She was hitched with Billy in the year 1999. Before Tara, Billy was married to Cathy Sturdivant. Also, Tara is the stepmother of a girl from Billy’s previous marriage. Casey (Billy and Cathy’s daughter) lives with Tara itself and she takes care of all her 3 children very beautifully. Tara herself has twins (one boy and one girl) and she loves all the 3 children very dearly.

Early Life and Biography of Tara Beane

Tara Beane (previously Tara Marie Graves) was born on 11 August 1964 in San Diego in California (USA). She also completed her schooling in the same town and moved only after her marriage with Billy Beane. Her life changed completely after meeting Billy Beane and the couple was reported to be dating for some time before they got hitched in the year 1999. Any more details about the personal and early life of Tara Beane are not known.

What is the age of Tara Beane?

Tara Beane is reported to be 57 years old in the year 2021. She was born on August 11, 1964, in San Diego, California, and according to the same, she turns 57 on August 11, 2021. Some reports also say that she turns 56 years old in 2021. However, according to a proper analysis, she turned 57 this year.

Physical stats about Tara Beane

Tara Beane has a slim and fit physique as she is a fitness freak and enthusiastic for a lot of years now. Her ethnicity is white and her eye color is hazel. Tara’s natural hair color is brown, just like some usual American women. She has a height of 5’4 feet and her total weight is around 50-56 kgs which are somewhat the same as of her husband, Billy Beane.

Social media activity of Tara Beane

Tara Beane is not a very open person and since her marriage with Billy Beane, she has always chosen to keep her curtains lowered. Her social media presence is also not so much and that is why she also has a very mere fan following on popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Her husband and daughter (Casey), on the other hand, are more visible on these platforms and also have a considerable fan following.

Education and achievements of Tara Beane

Tara Beane spent her early educational life in San Diego, her hometown itself. However, other details about her educational qualifications and overall achievements throughout these years are not known to the media. Tara loves to keep her both personal, as well as professional life secret, and that is why not much information about the same is known to the sources.

What is the marital status of Tara Beane?

Tara Beane is married to Billy Beane for almost 22 years now. She is very happy in her marriage and family life and this can be understood for her mere social media presence right from the beginning. She gained publicity after her marriage with Billy and still, she has never approached social media for any of her personal or professional activities. However, this claims that her marital status is not just married but happily married and enjoying her motherhood with her 3 children (twins and Casey).

Is Tara Beane married?

Tara Beane is married to the former MLB player Billy Beane and is his second wife. From this marriage, she has twin children both girls and by each. Also, she includes her step-daughter Casey in her family and all 5 of them live sticking to each other. Marriage has worked out pretty well for Tara and the couple still seems to be in deep love with each other even after so many years of their marriage. Undoubtedly, this is a great example of true love, motherhood, and responsibility.

Who is the husband of Tara Beane?

Billy Beane, the former MLB (basketball) player and the current executive vice president of baseball operations is the husband of Tara Beane since 1999. They got hitched in a private ceremony and since then, this couple seems to be very fond of each other and totally in love with each other. Before Tara, Billy was married to his long-time friend turned lover Cathy Sturdivant, however, they soon got separated, and later, Billy married Tara. He also has a girl (Casey) with Cathy and she still lives with him and Tara as a family.

How many children does Tara Beane have?

Tara Beane and Billy Beane have twins, one boy named Brayden and a girl named Tinsley. They were born in the year 2008. Right after the birth of their twins, Billy received twin baby outfits from folks at blog Athletics Nation. This gift mattered a lot to the newly-became parents.

Net worth and salary of Tara Beane

The net worth and salary of Tara Beane are estimated to be $500,000 as of the year 2021. However, she is never so active in public and loves to keep her income source behind unopened doors. Also, even if she is not active in the Hollywood industry, her step-daughter Casey has appeared in the movie ‘Money Ball’. Tara Beane, however, carries her expenditures on her income itself.

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