Tetsuo Shima: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Life

Tetsuo Shima: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Life

Tetsuo Shima: Introduction

Tetsuo Shima is animated character in the AKIRA franchise, in which is both the second main character  and villain of the movie. According to script , he is someone who has potential power of  destruction , and it is in wrong hand . In the movie , there’s nothing much mention  of Tetsuo’s past life , it just that he was given up by his mother and was brought to orphanage, after Kaneda was brought, this is shown in the flashback scene in the movie, this scene of movie also shows Tetsuo’ dependency on Kaneda since they were kids. When he became adult, he started liking motorbikes with Kaneda joined The Capsules. After Tetsuo collision with the Esper Takashi , Tetsuo was transferred to a military institution .

Appearance: Tetsuo Shima

Tetsuo Shima is a young man, who has short height and he is little overweight accordance to height with a very low muscular body . though he is similar to many other characters, he has eyes and hairs in the dark brown colour , originally his hairs were lighting -textured and short , but as a result of his acquired power , it grew long reaching to his shoulders, when they are not standing up because of radiation.  In the starting of anime movie , he is wearing blue coloured parka, just like the one he wore in the manga . Scenes where he is resting in the government hospital, and wore patient’s outfits.

After his first escape, his outfit changed, he wore white sleeveless shirt ,along with Gray-blue pants and for the footwear he wore gray boots . he also wore red cape which was ripped in the latter half of the movie, when he was breaking out from the government hospital for the second time.

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Tetsuo has inferiority complex , which is most well- known characteristic of his. Even though Kaneda put a lot of effort in their brotherly relationship , Tetsuo thinks and feel he is being bossed around and treated as an inferior . In reality , he is the one who has fierce temper and his very impulsive by nature , this personality of his lead him to take rash decisions.

Tetsuo Shima
Class of Tetsuo Shima

In the gang called The Capsules, he has no respect for authority figures. It shows that he uses aggression to hide his insecurity and sensitivity .this can be concluded from the scene where the way he is depicted  in the flashback, particularly when he is compared to his foster brother Kaneda, where they both were of same age, but after gaining the power of  the Espers, and surviving from their attempt to kill him, Tetsuo’s personality drastically changed to worst.

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