Learn About Aesthetic Of Trendy Grunge

Learn About Aesthetic Of Trendy Grunge

Grunge is a deeper, edgier aesthetic characterised by glitches, vinyl records, smokes, neon lights, as well as the colour black these days.

Grunge, on the other hand, finds its roots in the Seattle, Washington heavy rock scene of the 1990s. Generation X was characterised by a counter culture, anti-consumerism youth movement & musical genre. Artists such Nirvana, Alice in Chains, & Soundgarden popularised grunge fashion, which was designed to be ageless and easygoing.

Grunge began with Come on Down (Green River album) in 1985, but it was not widespread until Nirvana’s Nevermind in the 1990s. Indeed, grunge was most prominent from 1991 to 1997, after which it lost its anti-consumerist stance.

Grunge may have begun to fade in 1994, with the sad demise of Nirvana vocalist Kurt Cobain, but the genre remained prominent until around 1997, when Soundgarden disbanded and post-grunge bands such as Creed gained fame. Also ReadBlue Aesthetic | Red Aesthetic– What Makes It Speical?

Grunge Aesthetic: Visuals

The bulk of Grunge’s visuals feature a lot of filthy, grungy images. These depict a sense of despondency and disillusionment with modern civilization. To depict the cultural sadness commonly associated with Grunge, a variety of earth tones and weak hues are employed.

Grunge aesthetic
Class of grunge aesthetic

Grunge Fashion and Style: Grunge Aesthetic

During the 1980s and early 1990s, grunge fashion was frequently obtained from charity stores. Some claim that it was done as a protest against the styles of the period.

It’s often assumed that it was because it was less expensive, as most grunge musicians were impoverished at the time. In 1993, editor of men’s magazine James Truman was cited as saying, “As fashion became more popular, “Grunge, in my opinion, is not anti-fashion, but rather unfashionable. Punk was the antithesis of fashion. It was a bold statement. Grunge is for not making a remark, so it’s odd that it’s become a fashion trend.”

Oversized t-shirts, flannel shirts (tied around the waist when it grew too hot), torn jeans, and combat boots were popular among men. These were considered classic aesthetics, and the clothing was typically robust and trustworthy. Slip gowns, flannel shirts, torn jeans, chokers, and other accessories were popular among women.

Slip dresses, flannel shirts, torn jeans, chokers, as well as the bell-bottoms/babydoll t-shirt combo were all fashionable among women. Upon Kurt Cobain’s suicide, it fell out of favour, but when ’90s nostalgia resurfaced in the 2010s and 2020s, it began to resurface.  As Y2K became more prevalent, this tendency began to retreat, only to return in another two decades, as all trend lines seem to do. However, with the present Grunge movement, the conceptual underpinnings of the initial Grunge movement were largely abandoned in favour of obtaining the visual style of seeming Grunge (sometimes at a far higher cost).

There’s also the Kinderwhore style, promoted by Kurt Cobain’s wife Courtney Love, for even more feminine, edgy design.

Grunge Aesthetic Music

While fashion has resurfaced, music, which was a combination of metal sound & punk rock attitude, does not appear to have made the same resurgence. Following Kurt Cobain’s self harm, grunge split into two distinct subgenres: post-grunge, which would include bands like Creed, Bush, as well as the Foo Fighters and nu-metal, which also included bands like KoRn, Kid Rock, Papa Roach.

The Grunge resurrection has seen the old standbys of the classic grunge scene resurface in popularity, but no new grunge bands have risen to prominence as of this publication, despite their best efforts.

Softer Version of Grunge

Grunge aesthetic
Magic of Grunge Aesthetic

Soft Grunge, also known as pastel grunge, is a subgenre of grunge movement in the initial years of 1990s. The “cute” and purposeful soft grunge styles began to gain popularity on social media in 2010, with clear gothic and Kawaii influences. It’s a more modern twist on the classic grunge look, with more colours and a more modest feminine touch than Kinderwhore.

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