Vincent Valentine: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career

Vincent Valentine: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career

Vincent Valentine is one of the optional playable characters in the series Final Fantasy VII, and is the main protagonist of Dirge of Cerberus-Final Fantasy VII. Vincent is a former Turk with a mysterious and unknown past, Vincent’s secrets tie him directly to several of the Final Fantasy VII series’ main antagonists.

Vincent wields the handguns in the war. His limits breaks cause him to be shapeshifting as a result of the experiments Professor Hojo performed on him. When he transforms, his stats increase and he gains the new powerful attacks, but also becomes uncontrollable until the battle ends or until he got falls into the Death status.

Valentine’s Japanese version voice actor is Shogo Suzuki, and he was voiced by Steve Blum in English version.

Vincent Valentine: Appearance

Vincent valentine is a man who is physically in his late twenties and stands roughly six feet tall person. He has eyes of crimson colour and has a long black hair. He mostly wears a red shade bandana with his fringe got emerging over it. Vincent’s most distinctive and apparent trait is his red cloak, that is held in place over his shoulders and on a lower face by the various buckles. Underneath his cape Vincent’s overall outfit is black leather with various straps and buckles. Vincent also wears a holster for his gun strapped to his right thigh and pointed golden colour sabatons on his feet.

Vincent Valentine has also kept this only look in all his appearances, with subtle and sober variations. Vincent was originally got intended to appear in Kingdom hearts alongside with Cloud Strife but was removed and vanished with aspects of his costume that is incorporated into the Cloud’s design, with included the tattered red cloak and the gauntlet.

Vincent Valentine: Personality

Vincent Valentine is too Dark and brooding over his past “sins” that he does, Vincent carries many loads, burdens, and the secrets.’

Vincent Valentine
Impact of Vincent Valentine

Despite of being his cold personality, he is not at all uncaring: at a point in his life where Cloud admits he thought the Vincent was cold and did not really care about the Planet, Vincent valentine casually brushes off the remark. Vincent also has a very soft corner for Lucrecia, he refers to her as a beautiful lady.

Likewise, Vincent always fiercely despises the Hojo for his several immoral actions, and it is also the determination of the meeting him that stirs him to accompany the party in the series in the Final Fantasy VII. Vincent valentine is too reluctant to speak, although when he does, he typically has something very important to say.


Vincent Valentine is an adept marksman, and he wields the handguns in battle and war. Vincent’s Limit got Breaks because of him to transform into the superhuman monsters, each one of that is the result of the genetic engineering experiments that is performed by the Professor Hojo and got fused into the Vincent’s body as a guineapig.

His stats also an average-out with his fastest growing stats Magic and the Spirit. Vincent’s physical durability and power is considered to the below average, but his accuracy and speed is combined with his fast and potent grasp of the magic, makes him a marksman and a mage character with decent physical attack. Vincent’s past life as a Turk was not only makes him a very highly trained but also grants him to intimate the knowledge of Shinra’s protocol and the attack strategies – that is allowing him to intuit the Shinra attack plans as a second nature.

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