Miguel Leon Tyson

Miguel Leon Tyson

Real nameMiguel Leon Tyson
BirthdayApril 18, 2002
Age19 years old (As of 2021)
Birth SignLibra
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight66 kilograms
Father of Miguel Leon TysonMike Tyson
Mother of Miguel Leon TysonSol Xochitl
Relationship statusNot known to the sources
Is Miguel Leon Tyson dating anyoneUnknown
Children of Miguel Leon TysonNo child yet
Siblings of Miguel Leon Tyson1 sister, 1 brother, and 5 half-siblings (3 half-sisters and 2 half-brothers)
Net worthDependent on his father’s income and his current passion
EducationNot known yet
ProfessionNot known yet
Miguel Leon Tyson

Miguel Leon Tyson is the 4th child and 2nd son of the popular former boxer Mike Tyson. He was born on April 18, 2002, and is 19 years old now. She has a total of 2 siblings and 5 half-siblings, namely Mikey Launa Tyson, Morocco Tyson, Exodus Tyson, Amir Tyson, Rayna Tyson, D’Amato Kilrain Tyson, and Milan Tyson. Among these Exodus Tyson was his real sister who died in a treadmill accident just when she was 4 years old. Also, he has a brother D’Amato Kilrain Tyson. Miguel Leon Tyson is not so active on different social media platforms and may not even have accounts on Twitter and Instagram. The following segments include all the details about his birthplace, birthday, net worth, relationship status, physical stats, and much more.

What is the relationship status of Miguel Leon Tyson?

Miguel Leon Tyson is a person who loves to remain behind closed curtains and doors. Details about his personal as well as professional life are not much known. However, reports have suggested that Miguel Leon Tyson is completely single for a long time and does not have a girlfriend. However, any further update on the relationship status of Miguel Leon Tyson will be reported as soon as received by the sources.

Early Life and Biography of Miguel Leon Tyson

Miguel Leon Tyson was born on April 18, 2002, to Sol Xochitl and Mike Tyson. He was Mike’s 4th and Sol’s 1st child. Later he had a younger sister named Exodus Tyson who died at the age of 4 itself. Some days later, Miguel attended the third wedding of his father with his stepmother Lakiha Spicer. He has a total of 5 half-siblings from his father.

What is the age of Miguel Leon Tyson?

Currently, as in the year 2021, Miguel Leon Tyson is 19 years old. He was born on 18 April 2002 to Sol and Mike and is the 4th child and 2nd son of Mike Tyson. However, reports say that his father Mike never married his mother Sol Xochitl. He lost his sister at the age of 7 and during the same period, he attended the third wedding of his father with his stepmother Lakiha Spicer.

Physical Stats of Miguel Leon Tyson

Miguel Leon Tyson is around 5 feet 10 inches and weighs around 60-66 kgs. He has black eyes and hair color and his body measurements are 44-41-39. He takes proper care of his fitness and workouts and aims to become a boxer in the future.

Social media activity of Miguel Leon Tyson

Unlike his father Mike Tyson, Miguel Leon Tyson is a very secretive personality. Even though being a starkid, he has spent his life far away from the limelight. He may also not have any social media account as per the reports. Also, he is inactive on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, etc., and prefers to concentrate on his personal life to a much greater extent.

Education and achievements of Miguel Leon Tyson

Any details about the education and achievement of Miguel Leon Tyson are not known as such. However, he loves to play music and has also performed on stage in an event. He rocked the stage and was also in consideration of selecting the same as a career. But, the latest reports suggest that he may turn to boxing as openly hinted by both himself and his father Mike Tyson.

What is the marital status of Miguel Leon Tyson?

Miguel Leon Tyson is just 19 years old now and wants to focus completely on his career. He says that he wants to make a good career in his field and does not have much time for relationships or girlfriends. Also, he is unmarried and single yet. No news of any of his ex-girlfriends or wives is reported. Also, he has reported about letting the media know if in the future he thinks of having or has a girlfriend or even gets married to anyone.

Is there any girlfriend of Miguel Leon Tyson?

No. Miguel Leon Tyson is reported to be dating no one currently. Also, any news about his ex-girlfriend(s) is not received. Miguel seems to be a very career-oriented guy. He is an artist and an activist and loves to learn new skills. He is spotted more with his father learning new skills every day and making himself much better and improved. He is currently being away from the love drama as observed from the reports.

Who is Miguel Leon Tyson dating?

Miguel Leon Tyson is happily single right now and is not dating anyone yet. No reports of any of his previous girlfriends have also been received. So, we can surely say that Miguel Leon Tyson is a very private as well as the career-oriented boy who is currently focusing on achieving some progress in his professional life. Apart from this, no other updates about his personal life are found with the sources.

How many children does Miguel Leon Tyson have?

Miguel Leon Tyson is very busy shaping his career right now. He has a great passion for music and has reportedly opened up to be pursuing a boxing career as well. However, sources are not sure about this next move and that is why his final career choice cannot be revealed yet. But, it is quite clear that he does not have any children, neither a girlfriend, nor a wife. He is happy single focusing on his professional life more right now.

Net worth and salary of Miguel Leon Tyson

Miguel Leon Tyson does not earn much currently and his total expenditure is based mostly on the income of his father. However, he may be earning some income from the hobbies and professions that he pursues currently. This career is not yet known or reported to the sources. Further details on the net worth and salary source of Miguel Leon Tyson, if received, would be immediately reported.

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