Dark Forest Aesthetic: Life, Images, Wild, Scary, Ideas

Dark Forest Aesthetic: Life, Images, Wild, Scary, Ideas

Dark Forest Aesthetic: Images Aesthetics Dark Forest

Forests are one of the most important natural resources. Thousands of years ago when humans did not exist, the earth was inhabited solely by plants, animals, birds, insects and many more. Although back in those days many forms of animals looked quite different those days and have gradually evolved with time and environmental requirements. Not just plants, many insects, fish and other aquatic creatures and plants have also evolved into new forms. While many of these species continue to evolve and may take thousands of years more to reach an even higher stage, some of the animals that have undergone evolution have already reached the highest stage.  When humans first came into being after evolving from apes, they also took shelter in forests. From this we can conclude that forests are not just great for natural resources but they also are a mine full of human and animal history.

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Dark Forest Aesthetic: Looks

Forests are something which also act as good tourist attractions. There are many popular forests protected by government that people can visit but only with guards. Apart from that small, unoccupied forests are also there. The sole problem is, many forests are being cut down for the sake of urbanisation and farming. This is a very cruel process because it makes the wild animals homeless.

Dark Forest Aesthetic

As great are forests in real life, in the reel and virtual life also they are as awesome. If you live in the rural countryside, then there are frequent chances for you to be able to visit forests and stuff. But if you happen in a city, spotting a forest might be difficult. In that case, you can take a look at some forest aesthetics. If you are looking for dark forest aesthetics, this list could possibly help you out:If you want a new wallpaper for your phone, then getting something inspired by a mysterious dark forest should be something you should consider. A wallpaper like that will brighten up your device and give it a completely new look, especially if you have a screen size and resolution of a substantially good quality. You can find tons of cool wallpapers on websites like tumblr and Pinterest. If you are a fan of videogames, then you can find out some adventurous games to play that also feature dark forests. With a game that has got really good graphics, it will give you an incredibly immersive experience and will make you feel that you were actually a part of the game world itself. If you are not a fan of video games but like mobile games rather, then Temple Run is a good game to start with. If you are passionate about home décor, then getting a dark forest themed room décor, or items which are inspired from dark forests. When we talk about a dark theme of a cool colour pallet, the best  colours for such an aesthetic are black, navy, dark blue, bits of dark green and also silver. If you want a cool “dark forest aesthetic”, then you should opt for a colour pallet like so.

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