BIRTH DATE:- Daniela Basso was born on June 23, 1989.

BIRTHPLACE:- She was born in Mexico.


AGE:- Her age is 32.

HOROSCOPE:- Her zodiac sign is Cancer, which means that she is a very loyal and caring person. People born under the sign of Cancer are sensitive and protective of the people they love and care about.

HEIGHT:- 5 feet 7 inches.

WEIGHT:- 56 kg.

PERSONALITY:- Daniela is a charming brunette woman with beautiful brown eyes and dark hair. The incredible fact is that when you meet her for the very first time, her beauty is the first thing that strikes your soul. The secret of Daniela’s amazing figure is a healthy diet and regular workout. She loves to keep her personal life a little away from social media. She has one tattoo on her wrist.

HOBBIES/LIKING:- Daniela’s favourite pet animal is Dog, which she has two of them named Dooby and Agua. She loves spending time on the beach, and with her animals. She is a sports fan, mostly Football, of course. She also enjoys riding a horse, doing Yoga and swimming. She keeps on inspiring her fans by posting pictures of her during workouts. She likes to dress up in costumes and poses. She has some spectacular taste in music where she loves jazz, singing and ballet. Daniela is a travel freak and has travelled to various beautiful places like Russia, Bangkok, Rome and Cambodia. She always loved studying and books were her best friends.

RESIDENCE:- Currently, Daniela and her partner Raul Jimenez are residing in the United Kingdom, London.

FAMILY:- Daniela has a sister named Jessica Basso. Her father, Jason Basso, is a businessman in Taipei and her mother, Jena Basso, is a homemaker.

PROFESSION:- A brilliant Mexican actress, a model, a professional traveller, a supportive girlfriend and a devoted mother.

DATING/MARRIAGE LIFE:- Daniela is dating the popular soccer star Raul Jimenez, and she is older than Raul Jimenez by 2 years. However, they are not married and have been living as a couple since 2016. In 2015, they met each other with the help of a common friend. She moved to the West Midlands, England with Raul in the year 2018.

KIDS:- Daniela and Raul have one daughter. She was born on 21st July 2020. They named her Arya. The couple was expecting a baby boy initially when they had the gender reveal at Molineux.

EDUCATION:- Daniela was an average student in her school named Melchor Ocampo school. She had a keen interest in the English language and it helped a lot in her future. Later, Daniela went to the University of Guadalajara for her higher studies.

BEST KNOWN FOR:- Daniela Basso is best known for her appearance on the 2015 telenovela Simplemente Maria and gained additional fame. She is widely known for her work on the series La Rosa de Guadalupe and Como Dice el Dicho. Also known for Ask God for Forgiveness…Not Me (2015), The Waiter (2021). She became popular when she got featured in Mexican telenovelas with roles like Jacky in Wild at Heart, and Juanita in Ask God for Forgiveness…Not Me. Also, the actress has appeared in Unforgivable, The Three Sides of Anna.

SOCIAL MEDIA:- In October 2011 she first joined Twitter. On her Instagram account, she has accrued over 3,00,000 followers, following 1609 and 667 posts. Now, she is a huge name on social media. She has over 70.2K followers on Twitter. Also, she is most popular on Facebook with 62.8K followers. She is very active on social media and she shares her professional work and personal life through social media.

PROFESSIONAL CAREER:- Daniela Basso started her acting career gracefully when she was 19 years old. It almost took four to five years to become a name in Mexico. She had struggled a lot because, at that time, she was not getting high-profile shows. Being a model, she has done several modelling projects in Mexico. She has gone ahead to start camera appearances and served as a TV host for some Mexican TV series too.

NET WORTH:- Daniela, being an aspiring actress, a strong and goal-oriented woman, and claims her place in the world, has a net worth of around $7 million.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS:- Daniela Basso has a very active account on Instagram which has over 240K followers as of April 2020. She is 38258th most popular person ever, 286th most famous Mexican, and 3856th most famous actress. Also, she is the 104th most popular celebrity for the day (June 23) and the 677th most popular celebrity for the year (1989).

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