Striped Skirts: Looks, Creative, Pictures, Images, Style

Striped Skirts: Looks, Creative, Pictures, Images, Style

High waisted clothing looks incredible on anyone with any body type. They not only sit nicely at the waist but also accentuate the hips of a woman. This trend began in the 1940s and got popularized over the years. Pretty much every bottom piece has come up with a high waisted version making the women feel comfortable. High waisted clothing is exceptionally body hugging, sucking the lower body into it and creating a beautiful silhouette for the woman wearing. They not only make the waist appear smaller but also makes the hips look wider giving in the hourglass figure (Striped Skirts).

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High waisted is no wonder has reached the skirt fashion. They perfectly sit at the waist by not digging into the skin.

High Waisted Belted Midi Blue Striped Skirts

A midi skirt is cute and reminds of the 1940s time period. A high waisted midi skirt in the blue striped pattern belted at the waist is a wonderful choice. Style this midi skirt with a one shoulder crisp blue shirt tucked into the skirt. The highlight of this outfit can be its shoes and lipstick combination. Match the lipstick and the shoes by the color orange. This creates a perfect balance of blue and orange. Silver hoop earrings look great with skirts. So do not forget to flaunt those hoops!

This whole outfit is great for dinners or evening events as plaid is a bit semi formal. This skirt can also be worn with stockings for winter as dark blue is great for winter weather!

Plaid Long Yellow: Striped Skirts

Asymmetrical skirts are considered to be the classics of skirt history. To achieve a vintage look, pair a yellow plaid maxi skirt with a white shirt of long sleeves. Make sure the skirt has a tie on so one could create a cute bow at the waist. For a more feminine look, one could go for a wrap skirt as well but in the same pattern and color. Add some tan heels and a gold bag with silver straps. This matches the dress but at the same time does not look too colorful. This particular skirt can be worn to picnics, casual dates, to the movies, on vacation and is ideal for summer as it is cotton (Striped Skirts).

Satin Green Midi High Waisted Skirt

Satin clothing is elegant. It indicates gentleness and when worn it makes any woman look sophisticated. A dark green satin midi skirt not only looks elegant but also royal.

Striped Skirts
Class of Striped Skirts

Pairing this satin midi skirt with a sleeveless white ruffle top makes the whole outfit look rich. It is all in the accessories and little details that give in the rich vibes. Add an elegant rose gold watch or a gold bracelet as an accessory. A brown mini bag can be a statement piece of the outfit and definitely is a show stopper. Finish the outfit by wearing some white sandals or white heels depending upon the location, weather and duration of stay.

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